Doritos & Wine | Why This Should be a Thing for Premier Estates Social Media Strategy

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Premier Estates Wine sells award winning wine, whether it’s by the case or by the bottle, for affordable prices.

Before I jump into the strategy on how I would help with their social media presence & brand marketing, let’s check outwhat they’re already doing right.


1 — The Immediate Benefit, Front & Center.

On the homepage, in their Hero Section (or Banner Section) of their website, they state two main BENEFITS TO THE CONSUMER right off the bat.

Benefit #1: “Award Winning Wines at Every Day Prices”

Within whatever business you’re in, you should be able to tell someone “what you do and why they should care” in ONE SENTENCE (or tagline, if you will).

This goes back to knowing your customer and having in place your customer avatar.

Expat Quest  // Tagline: A resource to help you bypass the fear frustration and confusion about moving to Shanghai // A good tagline.

Expat Quest // Tagline: A resource to help you bypass the fear frustration and confusion about moving to Shanghai // A good tagline.

For example, Premier Estate says that they have award winning wines.

As a wine drinker, when I see “Award Winning” anything, I automatically think it’s going to be WAY out of my price range, OR, more than I’m prepared to spend on a bottle of wine.

So they address that by adding, “…at every day prices”.

Still be in this game. 
Now let’s shop.

Now, it can take people hours, days, or even weeks — to whittle down what you do and why your audience should care — to one sentence.

from The  Simpsons

from The Simpsons

But whether you hire a copywriter on UpworkPeople Per HourFiverr, or you bribe one of your writing friends with pizza and beer (a college trick that still works) — this 1-lined opening statement can be the determining factor on whether your audience stays and sifts through your content or whether they bounce…in seconds.

Benefit #2: “Free Delivery”

How many times have you gone shopping online, to pause and rethink your purchase, when you see how much shipping is?

For myself, if shipping is above $5, even though I’ve racked up $100 worth of merch in my shopping cart, I’ll question the WHOLE purchase because of the shipping costs.

“73% of consumers are more likely to make it across the finish line, if they have free shipping. [But on the flip side, a whopping] 74% of respondents had abandoned [their] basket due to high delivery charges”. — econsultancy

Premier Estate made a great choice.

By offering free shipping, it’s reduced the friction of me making a $100 purchase, than me abandoning the cart — and you LOSING $100 — because of a $15 shipping fee.

2 — They Have a Great Sense of Humor

If I was ever to do Twitter strategy, right off the bat I know:

  • You post what can be of value to your audience.

  • Use hashtags to join in on the conversation.

  • Video is always a plus.

  • Jokes are welcome.

Premier Wine is having a laugh that I can appreciate: It’s funny, cause it’s true.

from  Premier Estate Wine’s Twitter . That middle one is my favorite.

from Premier Estate Wine’s Twitter. That middle one is my favorite.



When it comes to food & drink, especially, sell your audience using visuals.

It’s not something that’s even debatable anymore.

Omitting images from your articles will only cause people to ignore them from the beginning. Articles with images get 94% more views than their visual-lacking counterparts.
The images in an article are a simple way to judge the quality of the content before you even read it.
[And by 2019] video will be part of 80% of all internet content, [with video] taking over the content marketing world. — Jeff Bullas,

When I look at Premier Wine’s current blog posts, it’s in need of more high quality visuals.:

from Premier Estate’s Blog

from Premier Estate’s Blog

But even more so, an explainer video of how to make, what looks like a delicious looking cocktail.

“Posts with videos attract 3X more links than text-only posts”. — Larry Kim, Founder of WordStream

Again going off our own behavior, if I have a choice to watch a “how to” video vs. reading the text, I’ll choose the video.


Because it leaves little room for misinterpretation.

Reduce the friction.


images from Google Images

images from Google Images

What wine pairs well with Ranch Doritos?
How about Taco Bell?
Beluga caviar?
Butter chicken?
Nachos during the World Cup?

Think it’s an odd question?

From  Mythical

Apparently 80,000 viewers don’t.

“Award winning wine for every day prices.”, that’s the slogan for the business.

“Everyday people, pairing every day eats with wine.” — that can be the tagline for the vlog.

Just spitballin’ here.

Starting a vlog is the perfect opportunity to have:

  • A lot of fun

  • Hit up your local (or international) grocery stores (#supportlocal)

  • Build up a strong following for your brand

  • Get discovered by people outside of your customer avatar circle

  • Order out from the most popular (and unknown) take out restaurants (#supportlocal)

And to give the people what they want to know.
What wine pairs well with Kung Pao chicken?


This is Premier Estate’s current Instagram.

Premier Estate Wine’s  Instagram

Premier Estate Wine’s Instagram

Where does you’re eye go?

A little everywhere, right?
There’s not a clear theme to the account, which — as you should know by now — goes against the cardinal law of Instagram Strategy.

So what can they do?

Well, they’re all about wine right?…
How about something like this:

mock Instagram feed I created. images from  Pinterest

mock Instagram feed I created. images from Pinterest

Hire a food photographer (or a creative intern with a good camera phone) that has the creative eye for tablescaping.

Yes, that is a thing. 
Give him or her some wine bottles and a laptop. 
And have your creative marketing manager/mixologist and your photographer make a bunch of wine cocktail recipes.

“Well G, that sounds nice, but all we can afford is our intern and they’re just ‘meh’ with food photography. So now what”?

You skill that intern up by watching these two videos!

Both videos by Peter McKinnon. Link to  Video #1  AND Link to  Video #2

Both videos by Peter McKinnon. Link to Video #1 AND Link to Video #2

Once you nail the recipe down, make a video. 
Take more than the necessary amount of pictures that you need. 
NEXT bottle of wine!

“Gigi…again, this sounds fun and all — but we don’t have the time to do all this everyday”!

Let me share something with you that I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone mention before — or at least not to my knowledge.

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 6.14.57 PM.png


This section is going to be fast.

You have all these BEAUTIFUL videos and pictures of cocktails and wine pairings.

To help with the distribution, since you’re playing off the visual aspect of your product, you use Tailwind to run Pinterest strategy.

image from Tailwind

image from Tailwind

The quick and dirty on Pinterest strategy (though there is a lot more to it than I’ll line out here):

  • Create beautiful images

  • Make sure your profile is setup correctly using relevant keywords

  • Share your images in relevant groups in Tailwind

  • Participate heavily within the groups, and they’ll return the favor, by helping your images get spread and picked up by the right audiences.


1 — You’re in the food industry. Make my mouth water. 
Invest in more pictures and video.

2 — Pick one theme for your Instagram strategy & nail down the art of food photography — if you haven’t already.

3 — Pinterest strategy can only help.


As always, whether the owner of this website takes my strategy or not, I wish them the BEST of luck!

They’ve been around since 2001. 
They might even be around into the next century.

My prediction, just like Article #2 in this series, if they were to embrace these social media strategies, they would slowly see an increase in sales.
Their brand will become more well known. 
And other opportunities, I’m sure, will arise from this.

Raise a glass folks. 

. . . . .

Welcome to my personal #7in30 challenge.

During this challenge I’ll be looking over (1) Instagram account and/or Shopify store every few days for 30 days , to analyze what they’re doing that’s great, and what they could improve on to increase brand awareness and/or their bottomline.

This series is designed to give ecommerce business owners, and anyone who is looking to build their brand, a springboard for your online & social media strategy — no matter what industry you’re in.

This series is suited for the beginner, or a seasoned business that’s finally taking their social media strategy seriously.

Premier Estate Wine is #3 of 7.