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Swagger, Solved | The Bold Brand Strategy I Would Use to Give Fear & Fancy A New Glow

image from Fear & Fancy Facebook

image from Fear & Fancy Facebook

As stated on their website, Fear & Fancy is a social club and creative powerhouse that operates on one simple motto: eat, drink, be swanky, and have fun getting the job done. 

The ringleader of this initiative is rapper, singer, and music producer, Jidenna (aka ‘The Classic Man’ aka ‘The Chief’).

Jidenna, The Chief // image from  Wondaland Records

Jidenna, The Chief // image from Wondaland Records

Fear & Fancy is known as “the club before, and after the club,” providing services from music production & artist development to styling & design. 

“For Fear & Fancy, we love dressing to the nines and ripping our clothes off…“It’s always a combination — partying and pondering”. -Jidenna, Maxim Interview

Though, they’ve been inactive for a while. 
Their last posting was in November 2017.

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 12.23.52 PM.png

But if they ever decided to give Fear & Fancey new life (fingers crossed people) here’s the strategy I would suggest to bring this project back into the light.


First, if you know me by now, you know that I have a thing for organizing an Instagram account by the color wheel. 

And this’ll be no different. 

Fear & Fancy’s Instagram is a mix between: 

  • promoting The Chief 

  • and promoting his team

The tweak?
I envision their profile to be a mix between: 

  • promoting The Chief (always in the center)

  • promoting the team

  • and featuring Bespoke/Afropunk styles (micro influencers) from across Instagram.

By having this as a feature page for men who swim in swagger, women who bring the ‘grown & sexy’ vibe, AND people who look at the Afropunk festival as their New York Fashion Week — not only is The Chief bringing in a new fan base for his music, but Fear & Fancy will become a trending feature page to be coveted within that community. 

Second, Facebook is still our friend.

When I look at Fear & Fancy’s Facebook page, it feels as if it’s geared towards the gentlemen. 

It may have been on purpose, or accidental, but either way — let’s go with the theme that this page is geared towards the fellas. 

So how would I approach this? 

By turning Fear & Fancy into a triple threat. 
By becoming a “media company” and creating content in video, long form articles, and audio content. 

So now the questions are: 

  • What kind of content do you create if your page is about uplifting the African diaspora, Afropunkism, Bespoke dress, etc.?

  • Will it be entertainment based or informative?

And the bigger question to answer:

What do you hope they will get out of interacting with your brand? 

Off the top of my head, create content that touches on:

  • The ‘high/low’ in achieving a bespoke look on a budget

  • Book recommendations

  • Telling a story about American and African leaders of the past and present (Revisionist History style)

  • Tips about surviving and thriving in the music industry

  • Music production & performance tips

  • Podcast roundtable discussion: Black men of the world

  • Tips about getting your clothes tailor made

  • Jidenna’s mindset about connecting the African diasporas across continents

  • Giveaways

  • Leadership & Negotiation tips

  • Live streaming concerts (with behind the stage access)

image from the  Rolling Stones

image from the Rolling Stones

And so much more.

But again, this is coming off the top of my head.

I’m sure the fellas would have a roundtable discussion to come up with a plethora of topics that they would want to address and present to their audience. 

And lastly, nothing will ever beat the tried and true practice of organic distribution through content marketing practices (in my humble opinion).

So that means, getting a team of people to help take your content and post it in other social media platforms like:

  • Answering questions on Quora

  • Posting in Facebook Groups

  • Posting in LinkedIn Groups (if applicable)

  • using HARO (when applicable)

  • re-writing and publishing your article on ;c)

  • Using Tailwind & Pinterest

  • Creating an original article for a large blog, that has links back to your other content, etc.

Spending MONTHS chopping up video into 1-minute snippets for Instagram or YouTube. 

Chopping up video from an interview into a 4-minute bit for Facebook or LinkedIn.

Talking with the community via hashtags on Twitter and putting out content that adds to the conversation. 

Uploading your podcast content on Stitcher, Libsyn, Soundcloud, iTunes, etc.

And ALL of that. 

the longest list I've ever had.gif

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you’ll most likely spend 20% of your time creating the content and 80% of your time distributing it.

And not for days, but WEEKS — which should, honestly, turn into months. 


When it comes to running ads for a brand or ecommerce store, I am N-E-W.

Though from what I’ve learned thus far, I’m intrigued to get with the program and accomplish 3 things for Fear & Fancy: 

  1. Growing the Email List

  2. Growing their Audience on their major platforms (Facebook, Instagram, the Podcast, Website, Snapchat)

  3. Making Sales (e.g., for any new albums that come out, merch, services they provide, etc.)

This is a good idea.
And it easily compliments my tried & true content marketing strategy. 

So let’s dig into it a bit.


Screenshot of Facebook Ad Insights

Screenshot of Facebook Ad Insights

I did a quick look at the Audience Insights of Jidenna.


Because if you’re going to run ads (or even create a marketing strategy) you want to know as much about your target audience as possible. 

This generic search told me a lot and answered the questions I would need to know to formulate an effective marketing plan.

Answering such questions as:

  • What other artists do they like?

  • What other Facebook pages do they like?

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 4.20.33 PM.png
  • What tv shows, podcasts, blogs, media personalities do they gravitate towards?

  • What’s their age range?

  • Are the majority of our followers men or women?

See the advantages?

Here’s something interesting I saw. 

When I changed Jidenna’s audience from “Just Men” to “All (both Men & Women)” — Jidenna is pulling in, almost evenly, from both sides. 

But especially the 25–34 crowd.

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 4.41.27 PM.png


Should that determine what content to produce?
It’s worth discussing.


We can go into various types of ads to accomplish a plethora of results (e.g., building the email list, increasing sales, brand awareness, etc).

But again, I’m N-E-W to this. 
So here’s one of the first approaches I would make.

Example: List Building Campaign
Create an explainer video that teaches the audience how to accomplish a specific task. Keep it <1 minute long.

Image from  PureWow

Image from PureWow

Have a CTA (Call to Action) at the end of the video (and in the video description) that will send people to a landing page that provides a sweet offer related to the video they just watched. 

Post it organically on Fear & Fancy’s Facebook Page.

And then I would test different combinations of ads to promote this video to: 

  • Warm audiences (people who know you and are already fans. Where the majority of the money would go)

  • Friends of Fans (Fear & Fancy has a sizeable fan base to try this)

  • Lookalike Fans

  • And Retargeting 

Each ad getting their fair shake of $3-$5 per day and re-evaluating their effectiveness every 2–3 days.

Would I split test ads?
ABSOLUTELY. You never know the copy that’ll have the most impact to get people to sign-up/make a purchase/leave a comment on your video or article.

Would I test ads for video AND images?

L: Image from IG:  ohwawa_

L: Image from IG: ohwawa_

Historically speaking, video ads that autoplay do better than photo images.

“Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined”. -stats from Wordstream

But you never know until you test it out for yourself, right?


The TL;DR to review.

1 — Create a theme for your Facebook & Instagram page & be one of the top go-to resources for all things in your arena.

2 — Facebook & Instagram ads are still your friend.

3 — Become a triple threat.


I discovered Jidenna’s music a little over 1-year ago, and I’ve been a fan since. 

His first album, The Chief, is spectacular. 
My go to tracks that have been on repeat for that year are — “Chief Don’t Run”, “A Bull’s Tale”, “A Little Bit More”, and “Extraordinaire” — to name a few.

Jidenna in Esquire Magazine // Yeah…this guy is a rapper.

Jidenna in Esquire Magazine // Yeah…this guy is a rapper.

Though what I personally enjoy most is his gift of storytelling, like at this presentation at the 2017 CFA Strategies for Empowering the Next Generation of Leadership on Africa.

Jidenna’s presentation starting at 8min and 17 seconds, if you care to watch.

As always, whether the creators of this account take my strategies or not, I wish them the BEST of luck!

Fear & Fancy and Jidenna are a part of the Wondaland Records Entourage. 
You know the leader of that tribe, The ArchAndroid herself — Janelle Monae.

I’ll always be a fan.

My prediction, just like all the articles in this series, if Fear & Fancy were to embrace these strategies, they would slowly see an increase in album sales, they’ll build a culture ON TOP of the culture they’ve already created, and other opportunities, and collaborations, will sprout from the work put in.

Long Live The Chief.

Welcome to my personal #7in30 challenge.

During this challenge I’ll be looking over (1) Instagram account and/or Shopify store every few days for 30 days , to analyze what they’re doing that’s great, and what they could improve on to increase brand awareness and/or their bottomline.

This series is designed to give ecommerce business owners, and anyone who is looking to build their brand, a springboard for your online & social media strategy — no matter what industry you’re in.

This series is suited for the beginner, or a seasoned business that’s finally taking their social media strategy seriously.

Fear & Fancy is #4 of 7.

Doritos & Wine | Why This Should be a Thing for Premier Estates Social Media Strategy

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 8.14.25 PM.png

Premier Estates Wine sells award winning wine, whether it’s by the case or by the bottle, for affordable prices.

Before I jump into the strategy on how I would help with their social media presence & brand marketing, let’s check outwhat they’re already doing right.


1 — The Immediate Benefit, Front & Center.

On the homepage, in their Hero Section (or Banner Section) of their website, they state two main BENEFITS TO THE CONSUMER right off the bat.

Benefit #1: “Award Winning Wines at Every Day Prices”

Within whatever business you’re in, you should be able to tell someone “what you do and why they should care” in ONE SENTENCE (or tagline, if you will).

This goes back to knowing your customer and having in place your customer avatar.

Expat Quest  // Tagline: A resource to help you bypass the fear frustration and confusion about moving to Shanghai // A good tagline.

Expat Quest // Tagline: A resource to help you bypass the fear frustration and confusion about moving to Shanghai // A good tagline.

For example, Premier Estate says that they have award winning wines.

As a wine drinker, when I see “Award Winning” anything, I automatically think it’s going to be WAY out of my price range, OR, more than I’m prepared to spend on a bottle of wine.

So they address that by adding, “…at every day prices”.

Still be in this game. 
Now let’s shop.

Now, it can take people hours, days, or even weeks — to whittle down what you do and why your audience should care — to one sentence.

from The  Simpsons

from The Simpsons

But whether you hire a copywriter on UpworkPeople Per HourFiverr, or you bribe one of your writing friends with pizza and beer (a college trick that still works) — this 1-lined opening statement can be the determining factor on whether your audience stays and sifts through your content or whether they bounce…in seconds.

Benefit #2: “Free Delivery”

How many times have you gone shopping online, to pause and rethink your purchase, when you see how much shipping is?

For myself, if shipping is above $5, even though I’ve racked up $100 worth of merch in my shopping cart, I’ll question the WHOLE purchase because of the shipping costs.

“73% of consumers are more likely to make it across the finish line, if they have free shipping. [But on the flip side, a whopping] 74% of respondents had abandoned [their] basket due to high delivery charges”. — econsultancy

Premier Estate made a great choice.

By offering free shipping, it’s reduced the friction of me making a $100 purchase, than me abandoning the cart — and you LOSING $100 — because of a $15 shipping fee.

2 — They Have a Great Sense of Humor

If I was ever to do Twitter strategy, right off the bat I know:

  • You post what can be of value to your audience.

  • Use hashtags to join in on the conversation.

  • Video is always a plus.

  • Jokes are welcome.

Premier Wine is having a laugh that I can appreciate: It’s funny, cause it’s true.

from  Premier Estate Wine’s Twitter . That middle one is my favorite.

from Premier Estate Wine’s Twitter. That middle one is my favorite.



When it comes to food & drink, especially, sell your audience using visuals.

It’s not something that’s even debatable anymore.

Omitting images from your articles will only cause people to ignore them from the beginning. Articles with images get 94% more views than their visual-lacking counterparts.
The images in an article are a simple way to judge the quality of the content before you even read it.
[And by 2019] video will be part of 80% of all internet content, [with video] taking over the content marketing world. — Jeff Bullas,

When I look at Premier Wine’s current blog posts, it’s in need of more high quality visuals.:

from Premier Estate’s Blog

from Premier Estate’s Blog

But even more so, an explainer video of how to make, what looks like a delicious looking cocktail.

“Posts with videos attract 3X more links than text-only posts”. — Larry Kim, Founder of WordStream

Again going off our own behavior, if I have a choice to watch a “how to” video vs. reading the text, I’ll choose the video.


Because it leaves little room for misinterpretation.

Reduce the friction.


images from Google Images

images from Google Images

What wine pairs well with Ranch Doritos?
How about Taco Bell?
Beluga caviar?
Butter chicken?
Nachos during the World Cup?

Think it’s an odd question?

From  Mythical

Apparently 80,000 viewers don’t.

“Award winning wine for every day prices.”, that’s the slogan for the business.

“Everyday people, pairing every day eats with wine.” — that can be the tagline for the vlog.

Just spitballin’ here.

Starting a vlog is the perfect opportunity to have:

  • A lot of fun

  • Hit up your local (or international) grocery stores (#supportlocal)

  • Build up a strong following for your brand

  • Get discovered by people outside of your customer avatar circle

  • Order out from the most popular (and unknown) take out restaurants (#supportlocal)

And to give the people what they want to know.
What wine pairs well with Kung Pao chicken?


This is Premier Estate’s current Instagram.

Premier Estate Wine’s  Instagram

Premier Estate Wine’s Instagram

Where does you’re eye go?

A little everywhere, right?
There’s not a clear theme to the account, which — as you should know by now — goes against the cardinal law of Instagram Strategy.

So what can they do?

Well, they’re all about wine right?…
How about something like this:

mock Instagram feed I created. images from  Pinterest

mock Instagram feed I created. images from Pinterest

Hire a food photographer (or a creative intern with a good camera phone) that has the creative eye for tablescaping.

Yes, that is a thing. 
Give him or her some wine bottles and a laptop. 
And have your creative marketing manager/mixologist and your photographer make a bunch of wine cocktail recipes.

“Well G, that sounds nice, but all we can afford is our intern and they’re just ‘meh’ with food photography. So now what”?

You skill that intern up by watching these two videos!

Both videos by Peter McKinnon. Link to  Video #1  AND Link to  Video #2

Both videos by Peter McKinnon. Link to Video #1 AND Link to Video #2

Once you nail the recipe down, make a video. 
Take more than the necessary amount of pictures that you need. 
NEXT bottle of wine!

“Gigi…again, this sounds fun and all — but we don’t have the time to do all this everyday”!

Let me share something with you that I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone mention before — or at least not to my knowledge.

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 6.14.57 PM.png


This section is going to be fast.

You have all these BEAUTIFUL videos and pictures of cocktails and wine pairings.

To help with the distribution, since you’re playing off the visual aspect of your product, you use Tailwind to run Pinterest strategy.

image from Tailwind

image from Tailwind

The quick and dirty on Pinterest strategy (though there is a lot more to it than I’ll line out here):

  • Create beautiful images

  • Make sure your profile is setup correctly using relevant keywords

  • Share your images in relevant groups in Tailwind

  • Participate heavily within the groups, and they’ll return the favor, by helping your images get spread and picked up by the right audiences.


1 — You’re in the food industry. Make my mouth water. 
Invest in more pictures and video.

2 — Pick one theme for your Instagram strategy & nail down the art of food photography — if you haven’t already.

3 — Pinterest strategy can only help.


As always, whether the owner of this website takes my strategy or not, I wish them the BEST of luck!

They’ve been around since 2001. 
They might even be around into the next century.

My prediction, just like Article #2 in this series, if they were to embrace these social media strategies, they would slowly see an increase in sales.
Their brand will become more well known. 
And other opportunities, I’m sure, will arise from this.

Raise a glass folks. 

. . . . .

Welcome to my personal #7in30 challenge.

During this challenge I’ll be looking over (1) Instagram account and/or Shopify store every few days for 30 days , to analyze what they’re doing that’s great, and what they could improve on to increase brand awareness and/or their bottomline.

This series is designed to give ecommerce business owners, and anyone who is looking to build their brand, a springboard for your online & social media strategy — no matter what industry you’re in.

This series is suited for the beginner, or a seasoned business that’s finally taking their social media strategy seriously.

Premier Estate Wine is #3 of 7.

Let’s Talk About The Man in the Mirror | The Branding, Instagram, & Distribution Strategy I’d Use to Help Build Mind Journal

Journaling Saves.

Mind Journal is doing a lot of things right.
In the past few years, journaling has become a high priority subject.

This issue has found a platform with entrepreneurial juggernauts, best selling authors, and even the scientific community.

Image from  Mind Journal

Image from Mind Journal

All of them championing why journaling is all-upside if you can commit to the practice.

Many people attest journaling to:

  • Their creative breakthroughs.

  • Overcoming depression (journaling created stepping stones for their recovery).

  • A way for them to clear their mind and prioritize the work that needs to be accomplished throughout the day vs. doing “urgent” busy work.

  • Writing strategic plans to bring their ideas into reality, and more.

Image from  Mind Journal

Image from Mind Journal

As the entrepreneur and author Tim Ferriss put it:

“I’m just caging my monkey mind on paper so I can get on with my fucking day. [Journaling doesn’t] need to solve your problems. [You] simply need to get them out of your head, where they’ll otherwise bounce around all day like a bullet ricocheting inside your skull. Could bitching and moaning on paper for five minutes each morning change your life? As crazy as it might seem, I believe the answer is yes”.

And now that we’ve talked about the purpose behind Mind journals creation, let’s go into how they set themselves up for success.


1 — They Connected Their Facebook & Instagram Pages to Their Shopify Store.

Many ecommerce business owners don’t think this is a big deal to have.

Something they’ll get to, eventually.

Let me walk you through a customer’s journey of finding your item on Instagram and making a purchase.

The long route OR the shortest route possible — to making a purchase

The long route OR the shortest route possible — to making a purchase

The long route OR the shortest route possible — to making a purchase

The Long Route (the image to the left) demonstrates the shopping experience for someone who has to do a search on your website for the item they saw on your Instagram profile.

There are, at least, 7 steps the person must go through to make the purchase.

This can lead to frustration that causes the person to abandon making a purchase altogether.

Then there’s The Short Route (the image to the right), where after they click on the image in your Facebook or Instagram page, they’re IMMEDIATELY directed to that item in the store.

No search party to find what they’re looking for.

So what am I trying to say?


Make it effortless and as easy as possible for your audience to make a purchase from you.

It can be the difference between you making $100 in sales in a month, and $1000 in sales in a month.

So yeah…
It’s a big deal.

2— They’re Doing (Some) Instagram Strategy

The quick and dirty on Instagram strategy is that:

  • You have a TIGHT theme/aesthetic that you adhere to

  • You use up to 30 relevant hashtags per post

  • You post at least 3 times per day on a daily basis

  • You do collaborations with other people, brands, businesses in your niche

  • Distribution, distribution, distribution

If you’re a business or brand on Instagram, and you’re growth is at a snail’s pace or has stalled altogether, check and make sure you’re executing on the above points.

What they’re doing now is good, but I’m going to throw out an idea (that I’ll mention below) that will heighten what they’ve already accomplished.

3 — Their Website Was Thought Out

Overall, Mind Journals website looks fresh and well thought out.

The copy focuses on the audience’s pain points, and the solutions they have to offer, without using a lot of flowery language.

And you can tell that they did some customer research (or created a customer avatar) and used some of that language in their website copy.

“Times are changing for guys. Roles have shifted yet stereotypical expectations remain the same”. — Mind Journal

“Looking after yourself shouldn’t feel like a chore”. — Mind Journal

“Asking for help can be tough”. — Mind Journal

Using the language your customer would use to describe their problems or pain points?


A tactic I highly encourage for everyone to use when writing copy for their product.



Like I said earlier, Mind Journal is doing “some” Instagram strategy, but I see some places where it can be improved.

Right now they’re posting artistic photography, images of their product, and quotes — about 2x per day, semi-regularly.

Inside each post they give a little context and try to engage the audience.

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 5.33.04 PM.png

My suggestion? 
Go deeper, not wider.

Meaning to do a deep dive into the mental health space that’s effecting men across various professions and backgrounds.

So, I would go the Humans of NY (or HoNY) route.

image from  HoNY Instagram

image from HoNY Instagram


So that the reader knows that they’re not alone with these issues.

I would collect statements and stories from men across various professions, ages, backgrounds, etc. — about:

  • their journey to self awareness

  • their bouts with depression

  • how they went from looking for motivation to becoming disciplined

Touching on everything, and anything, related to men and mental health issues.

And just like HoNY does from time to time to protect the subject’s privacy, I WOULD NOT want a picture of their face, but a picture of them in their normal state or environment. Like this:

I would want to do this to, again, protect their privacy, but also for them to have the anonymity to encourage honesty.


They’re talking.

Men are opening up and getting real with issues that they would never DARE speak about in public, or even to family and friends, before.

From the series  Man Enough on YouTube

From the series Man Enough on YouTube

And on that note, I would suggest starting a podcast where Mind Journal interviews:

  • entrepreneurs

  • athletes

  • men in the military or armed services

  • retired politicians

  • mental health professionals

  • blue & white collar professionals

  • social media celebrities, and more

Asking questions about:

  • how they overcame depression

  • how they built up their self awareness

  • how they may have journaled to get them out of a bad period of their life

  • how they were able to reach the scopes of success they’ve reached

  • what their thoughts are on the mental wellness space

  • daily rituals to keep them in the right state of mind at all times, etc.

If you’re asking yourself, “how do I start a podcast?”, you could do a Google search and you’ll see that you have a plethora of options to choose from.

Choose one of these aficionados and go forth.

But here’s the quick & dirty on how to start right now, with ZERO dollars or for $36.49/month.

Step 1: Have a conversation with someone over Skype, Zoom, or in-person.

Step 2: If it’s over Skype or Zoom, record the conversation using Quicktime.
Select ‘New Audio Recording’.

SIDE NOTE: Some people choose ‘New Screen Recording’ — where they’ll record the video conversation. They’ll post the full video on YouTube. And then, strip the video keeping only the audio, and posting that to their podcast.

Step 2a: If it’s in person, record the conversation with your phone. 
If you’re phone is always low on storage (like mine) use a video camera.
Whether it’s a pocket camera or a DSLR, find a quiet location, put it in between you two on the table, press record, and start talking.

Come with an empty memory card, a full battery, and you’re good to go. Image from  DPReview

Come with an empty memory card, a full battery, and you’re good to go. Image from DPReview

Step 3: Add an intro/outro and edit the interview with whatever editing software you use. 
I’m personally all about Premiere Pro which is where the $31.49/month comes into play. 
You can do a search for free online video editing software or apps.

Step 4: Upload to Soundcloud (free), Libsyn ($5/month), or whatever platform you’re using for your podcast.

And you’re done. 
You’ve started a podcast.

Now all you have to do is be consistent with it.

That’s great Gigi, but how do I FIND these people to interview?

Social media to the rescue.

Don’t use one. Use ALL of them to do outreach. Everyone’s a winner!

Don’t use one. Use ALL of them to do outreach. Everyone’s a winner!

  • Put up a post in your LinkedIn profile.

  • Post on your Facebook page.

  • Post in Facebook groups.

  • Post in Reddit subs.

  • Shoot out a tweet (don’t forget the hashtags)

  • Reach out to your friends via email, text, Instagram, or smoke signals, and see if they know someone you could interview, and if they can give a warm introduction (the BEST option from this list).

The post on social can look something like this:

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 5.45.39 PM.png


So many people still believe that if they create good content and hit publish, it will immediately grow legs of it’s own and run a marathon across the internet, bringing in thousands of customers screaming…

shut up and take my money.gif

It happens. 
But not often.

So what do you do?

You create a distribution plan.

We’re going to post the podcast, perhaps some of the Instagram posts, and any other articles you create to:

  • Your business’ Facebook Page

  • Relevant Facebook Groups

  • You’ll republish your article in the LinkedIn publication

  • ONLY if you have a group of people on staff, in LinkedIn groups

  • In relevant Reddit subs

  • Answer Quora questions with links back to the original content

  • Republish it on

  • And other online forums you’ve researched, of course, in advance

And this is not to mention getting featured in roundups, or using HARO (Help A Reporter Out), Pinterest, running Facebook & Instagram Ads, and repurposing your content to get as much attention as you possibly can BACK to your content.

Image from  HARO

Image from HARO

And that’s the plan.
Does this process sound tiring to you?

Yeah. It can be. 
But the spoils comes from the effort you put in.

You’ll spend 20% of the time writing brilliant content and 80% of your time distributing it.

But you won’t run the gamut on this ONE piece of content for a day, or even a week. But for MONTHS.

This isn’t a sprint, folks.
Welcome to the marathon.

marathon runner.gif


1 — Go deeper, not wider in your Instagram strategy really keeping in mind what will resonate with your audience and bring them value.

2 — Start a podcast. Use the materials you have on hand to start, and upgrade later down the line. Don’t make the excuse and waste time saying you “don’t have the right equipment to pull it off”, because you most likely do.

3 — Distribution. Distribution. Repurpose. Distribution. Repeat.


As always, whether the owner of this website takes my strategy or not, I wish them the BEST of luck and I applaud them on what they’ve accomplished thus far.

If you haven’t had the chance to read their story yet, give it a once over. 
It’s good.

image from  Mind Journal

image from Mind Journal

My theory, if they we’re to take on these tweaks, is that they would slowly see an increase in sales, but more so they’ll be depositing solid building blocks to strengthen their brand for the long haul and nurturing a highly engaged audience.

It’ll be a slow process to build up that clout, but as Ryan Holiday stated in his book ‘The Obstacle is the Way’, “Think progress, not perfection.”

. . . . .

What’s an unexpected distribution platform that you used that brought in clients, traffic, or sales?

Share your knowledge with the community below.

. . . . .

Welcome to my personal #7in30 challenge.

During this challenge I’ll be looking over (1) Instagram account and/or Shopify store every few days for 30 days , to analyze what they’re doing that’s great, and what they could improve on to increase brand awareness and/or their bottomline.

This series is designed to give ecommerce business owners, and anyone who is looking to build their brand, a springboard for your online & social media strategy — no matter what industry you’re in.

This series is suited for the beginner, or a seasoned business that’s finally taking their social media strategy seriously.

Mind Journal is #2 of 7